5 Good Jobs for Winter


What winter means to you probably depends on where you live. You know the postcard scenes of families enjoying a warm fireplace as pure snow falls outside the window? That might be accurate in some towns, but in many Southern locales, that's about as realistic as "Jurassic Park." In some of the Midwestern and Northern regions where snow does blanket the ground, it's not quite as pretty as you'd think. The ivory snow looks more like mushy charcoal after enough cars drive over it.

Some people love wearing shorts in January. Others can't imagine walking to the mailbox in fewer than seven layers of clothing. Different wintry strokes for different bundled-up folks.

Whether you want to be waist-deep in the embrace of Jack Frost or you want to be baking under the sun, you can find work when the vernal equinox rolls around.

Here are five jobs that are popular during winter: