5 Worst Co-Workers of 2009

Rachel Zupek, CareerBuilder.com writer

coworkersCo-workers are always a great topic of conversation. You never run out of things to say when it comes to talking about the different types of people you work with, what you love, what you hate and how you deal with it all.

We thought we'd do a little research into some of the best -- and worst -- co-workers out there. Not just the different personality types, but real people, who do real things -- good and bad.

What we found is that too many co-workers turn to violence when they're angry, and that perfume and high heels can be dangerous weapons. But, what we also found is that many workers out there are generous, kind people who put their colleagues' lives before their own without hesitation.

Here are five of the most rogue co-workers.

1. "Exotic dancer, 52, attacked with stiletto heel"

On her first day on the job as an exotic dancer, a 52-year-old woman was attacked by her jealous co-worker, Chetania Davis, 22. Davis attacked her new colleague with a stiletto heel, repeatedly hitting her in the face with her heel as she walked into the dressing room. Davis apparently didn't think the club needed more dancers, which was her reason for the attack. The woman received seven staples and Davis was sentenced to one year of probation. (MSNBC.com)

2. "Derby police: man attacks co-worker with saw blade"

Two men working as subcontractors for a renovation project got into an argument over a saw, with one accusing the other of taking it. As a result, Robert Espinosa, 33, allegedly hit Russell Cruz, his 43-year-old co-worker, over the head with the 4-inch saw blade. Cruz suffered cuts to his head and was charged with breach of peace, while Espinoza was charged with second-degree assault and breach of peace. (The New Haven Register)

3. "Woman attacks co-worker with stun gun"

There's never a dull moment in some workplaces, especially when there's a stun gun involved. Kathleen Bennett, a dancer at a club in Fort Worth, Texas, and a waitress at the club, Jennifer McReynolds, got into an argument one night at work. The manager of the club says he fired Bennett when she wouldn't calm down. After gathering her things, Bennett allegedly walked up to McReynolds from behind and shocked her with a stun gun. McReynolds went to fight back and was stunned two more times in the face. (CBS11TV.com)

4. "Bistro employee accused of stabbing co-worker"

Two employees of Metro Bis, an eatery in Simsbury, Conn., got into a fight one evening that landed one employee in the hospital and the other charged with attempted murder. No one seems to know what the argument was about because there were no witnesses; the only confirmed detail is that the victim was stabbed in the stomach by a large kitchen knife. (NBC Connecticut)

5. "Tire shop employee attacks co-worker with tools"

Sean Trembley, an employee at a tire shop in Salt Lake City, was charged felony aggravated assault after getting into a fight with a co-worker. During the argument, Trembley held a co-worker by the neck with a pair of pliers and struck him with a pneumatic air tool. (KSL.com)

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