Win $100,000 in 140 seconds sharing your day with Nikon's obvious that you like people to know about your day. You post status updates every five minutes to Twitter, upload pictures to Facebook like it's going out of style and are video-blogging your every move on YouTube. So why not turn that compulsion for sharing into a payday by entering the Nikon Festival for a chance at $100,000?

Nikon wants to know what it's like to be you and is sponsoring a video contest to find out well, what it's like to be you. You have until Dec. 15th to record and upload your day -- cut down to just 140 seconds-- for a chance at one of two prizes. The first prize is the $100,000 Judges Award, which is chosen by Rainn Wilson, aka Dwight Schrute from "The Office;" video blogger and internet personality Justine "iJustine" Ezarik; and commercial photographer Chase Jarvis. That also comes with a Nikon D5000 D-SLR kit to keep you going.

This prize will be judged based on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of video: Looks matter. So when you're shooting, keep technique in mind. Watch the composition and the clarity of the shot.
  2. Originality: If it's been done, don't be doing it again. Show the judges something fresh.
  3. Ability to capture the theme in 140 seconds or less: This isn't the 142-second video festival, so make sure you tell your story in the allotted time.
There will also be an audience award of $25,000 and a Nikon D5000 D-SLR kit for the video chosen by viewers like you, including your friends, family and followers on Twitter.

Entries don't need to be filmed with a Nikon camera, but they do need to be creative, funny, imaginative and use original music, so no lip-synching your way through "I've got a feeling," hoping to bankroll your future.

There are already many entries including the impressive, "I Just Can't Wait To Be Saturday..." shown below.

Get filming: Entries need to be uploaded to the Nikon Festival page by Tuesday, December 15th.
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