Stuff stockings on the cheap with help from Old Navy


Chances are you're doing your best to penny pinch this holiday season, and why not? With the economy still fragile at best, Scrooge is the new savvy.

So it can be a little bit of a bummer when, as you smugly eye the pile of presents you've amassed by sale-stomping and bargain-chasing, you remember: those darn things hung by the chimney with care still have to be filled.

Stocking stuffing is meant to be a simple tradition, but in the past few years, the idea has ballooned beyond trinkets and tokens.

Just witness this news report from a Fox affiliate in St. Louis, which recommends iPod Nanos, video games and a $600 camera as appropriate stocking stuffers. (If you get a Nikon in your stocking, what's under the tree -- a Ferrari?)

Helping to scale back the stuffing is a sale Old Navy kicked off today: 60 items under $6. There are plenty of scarves, undies, tees and tanks for everyone on your mantle.

And if you want to get even more back-to-basics? Start a new tradition by going retro -- back in the day, stockings usually stuck to candy, nuts and oranges.