Oklahoma City House Scary Homage to Brangelina

And you thought you loved Brad Pitt. One super-fan is one-upping all Pitt-Jolie fans everywhere by building a house named "The Brangelina" minutes from Pitt's birthplace in Oklahoma City, Okla. And this is no ordinary house. "The Brangelina" is said to even contain DNA from the celebrity duo. Yes, that's right.

L.A. artist Xvala dreamed up the 4,000-square-foot, $500,000 project. And he takes it very seriously: "I believe every home in America should become an honorary home to our Superstars, in order to connect celebrities and regular people in spirit." Wow. Dude, you're weird.

And it gets better...

In the master bedroom, a life size, nude sculpture of Brad and Angelina by artist Daniel Edwards hangs from the ceiling. According to the press release - and the description here is priceless - the couple is depicted "making love Harlequin Romance-style with a cooing dove perched on Brad's finger." And the sculpture is meant to "inspire a sexual healing for the room's occupants." Either that or hysterical laughing!

Oh but people, we haven't even gotten to the strangest part.

The statues are supposedly embedded with crushed glass, said to contain Brad and Angie's DNA obtained from wine glasses that they drank from while reportedly celebrating the anniversary of their first meeting on the set of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith."

And you can see it for yourself. If you find yourself in Oklahoma City on Wednesday, Dec. 16, you're in luck. "The Brangelina" will be open to the public at 11 a.m. in the Thornbrooke neighborhood of Edmond. For more info, contact Cory Allen at 405-201-3910 or visit the Phantom Financial site. And when it's completed it will be for sale, too, so start saving Pitt-Jolie fans.

The statue and the house are part of the documentary "Domestic Bliss: The Daniel Edwards/XVALA Project" by Oklahoma filmmaker Dave Smith scheduled to premiere at The New York Academy of Art. Here's a clip from the film.

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