Jude Law's New Sin Den a Church

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_61djkGwfEZo/Sxf8tq_HwjI/AAAAAAAAEkA/OqZzUHGYias/s1600-h/JLaw_Lse_NYC_PICS.jpgThe Talented Mr. Baby-Maker Jude Law has finally heard the "come to Jeezis" gospel.

That, or, he just couldn't pass up living in Novare, a former Methodist church in New York City's Greenwich Village. The deconsecrated and converted house of God was recently reborn and transformed into posh contemporary apartments.

The timing can't be better. Could Law be damn close to seeing the err of his (unwrapped) ways? Let's have a look.

The massive 3,500-square-foot duplex apartment boasts 20-foot vaulted ceilings and exposed, original-wood beams. Law can entertain the ladies in one of 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, atrium, terrace, and private, open air patio. No expense spared: special high-end finishes include hand-troweled, white-Venetian-plaster walls, Brazilian walnut floors, a floating staircase wrapped in chrome, sleek custom closets and a state-of-the-art Crestron system.

The Real Estalker reports that the building owner and likely Law landlord, Mark Kress, made his fortune selling hair growth treatments. Monthly rent is estimated at $9,000-plus.

Law's move comes on the heels of spawning another child (Sophia, number 4, this time with Samantha Burke, aka, model du jour. Yes, the same woman whom Law claims he doesn't even remember.) Guess he's been memorizing lines instead - he's busy performing on "Hamlet" on Broadway and attempting to earn artiste credentials playing a transsexual supermodel named Minx in a film called "Rage."

Oh, and reuniting with hussy former flame Sienna Miller.

Get thee to church, Mr. Law. Everyday, and every night.

Hat tip Real Estalker
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