Mafia Wars tip: How to enable cookies on your browser

Some social games require or recommend cookies be enabled on your browser of choice before you can play the game. Mafia Wars recently received an update that requires cookies in order to be functional, for example. However, many don't really understand what cookies are or even how to enable them. So here's a brief how-to on cookies so that you can get back to your farming and fish raising!

What are Cookies?
Cookies are little files or snippets of information that are saved to your computer when you access a site. Think of a cookie as a save game. When you are using sites, they will often save a cookie to your hard drive to store things such as basic information about the program, save games, or increase the performance of what you are running.

Some cookies can be malicious to the users by gathering personal data from the browser it was saved to. Most anti-virus software detects malicious cookies and removes them without issue. These cookies do things such as report on your browsing habits or even steal your passwords.

Overall, cookies greatly streamline the internet experience for most people, but require a little caution.

Enabling Cookies


  • Open Options in the Tools tab at the top of the window.

  • Switch to the Privacy tab.

  • Click on Accept cookies from sites.

  • Click on Accept third-party cookies.

  • (Alternative) Click on Exceptions and add * to the list.

  • Close the options window.

Internet Explorer

  • Open Options in the Tools tab at the top of the window.

  • You have two options here:

  • Switch to the Privacy tab.

  • Change the Privacy setting to Medium or Low.

  • (Alternative) Click on Advanced, click on Override automatic cookie handling.

  • Switch to the Security tab.

    1. Switch to the Trusted Sites tab.

    2. Click on the button marked Sites below the tabs.

    3. Add http://* to Trusted sites.

    4. Disable Require Server Verification