Pet Society plush: the must-have holiday gift for Facebook gamers

pet society plush
pet society plush

The holidays are upon us and for the millions of people who log in and play Facebook and other social games on a regular basis, there are not many stellar gifting options.

Then we met Serena Yoong, aka lollipopdolls on Etsy, who will take a picture of your Pet Society pet and turn it into a huggable, lovable plush doll. The whole process costs $30 (plus $10 for shipping worldwide) and Yoong says that it takes her up to three days to bring your virtual pet to life. The Pet Society dolls are roughly the size of a small throw pillow and are made from cotton cloth, felt velvet and poly fill.

Of course, Yoong is an avid Pet Society player herself. She says she started playing the game about a year ago -- "who can resist those cute pets?" she says -- and then started recreating the virtual pets.

So far, Yoong has made at least 50 dolls for fellow Pet Society fans, and based on the game's sustained popularity, we'll bet that business will be booming for Yoong over the holiday season.

If you want to have a Pet Society doll created for your friends (or yourself), please visit the Lollipop Dolls store and place your order. Be sure to check out her other dolls -- we like the new holiday plush called 'Renee the lady deer' -- while you're there.