A fun way to determine if you're really unemployed


As the Federal Reserve warns that it could be another five or six years before the job market returns to normal, determining if you're unemployed and therefore eligible for unemployment benefits is probably going to affect many more people in the coming years. Determining whether or not you're "unemployed" is tricky because of which jobless Americans are counted in the official number.

The national unemployment rate fell to 10% in November, but that number still makes the 6.1% unemployment rate a year ago look like a gift. Nor does that 10% take into account the underemployed and people who have given up looking for work.

So as the nation prepares for a jobless rate of 9.3% to 9.7% in the coming year, according to one Fed forecast quoted by the New York Times, the fun people at Mint.com have come up with The Unemployment Game Show to help you determine if you're really unemployed:

Go ahead and watch. It's good for a laugh. Or not.