Six great hostess gifts with help from the dollar store


With the holiday party season officially underway, you may be wondering what to give the busy hostess at the parties you will be attending. Here are some easy ideas that mix items from the grocery or department store with things from the dollar store.

I found a pretty floral candy dish for $1.25 at my local dollar store. Just add some brand-name wrapped candy or a can of Planters mixed nuts and you're good to go.

This gift only looks expensive. In reality, $6 was all it took to put together a gift with two wine glasses, cocktail napkins, a reindeer ornament and some After Eight mint sticks on a silver-colored tray. Just add basket wrap and a bow.

If you're thinking of taking flowers for the hostess, a pretty vase from the dollar store filled with a bouquet of grocery store flowers makes a thoughtful gift. That way, your hostess won't have to search for a vase in the middle of a busy evening.