Pogo Puppies dead on December 31?


There's rumors and speculation that EA's Facebook game, Pogo Puppies will no longer be around in 2010, due to a message on the game that says, "Pogo Puppies is going offline on December 31." The cryptic message then continues with, "Enjoy the holidays by earning extra points and coins as you play. Holiday items coming soon."

pogo puppies
pogo puppies

Is Pogo Puppies getting the heave ho? We wouldn't be completely surprised if that's the case. After all, Pogo Puppies is owned and operated by Electronic Arts, the gaming giant that recently snapped up social gaming company Playfish and its popular game Pet Society (which is very similar to Pogo Puppies).

We have contacted EA for more details on the game's December 31 downtime, and will update as soon as we have any additional details.

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