New Google Real-Time Search reveals rampant FarmVille addiction

On December 7, Google launched a new feature that lets users search the Web in real time. Send a query for any term using the Google Real-Time Search, and you'll be able to watch a live stream of fresh info from news sites, blogs, Twitter (and, later, MySpace and Facebook).

Just for giggles, we decided to run a query on FarmVille and after watching the results stream in for five minutes discovered that a whole lot of people are addicted to playing FarmVille. Below are a few choice quotes:

google real-time search results

"I've been on facebook getting addicted to farmville, I think I might need help!!!"

"The stupid library computer wouldnt let me on Farmville! Ugh. Wow... hahahaha"

"My Mom, Stephanie Mossburg, is a addicted to ... mafiawars, fishville, AND farmville. You're welcome Mom."

And that's just within a few minutes. Can you imagine how many more proclamations of "I'm addicted" will be tweeted before the day is over? We'll be watching and will report back in 24 hours.

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