Is Your Job Affecting Your Driving?

Study Shows Which Occupations Crash The Most

By AOL Autos


If you believe the old adage that you are what you eat, it follows in the car insurance business that you're likely to drive what's on your mind. To put it plainly, when people are stressed and in a hurry, they tend to get in more accidents.

Recently, Quality Planning Corp. and released their list of the top most crash-prone professions. Not surprisingly, the list probably aligns quite well with the types of jobs your mother always thought you'd do one day.

Perhaps it's a sign that the people getting in the most accidents tend to have the most stressful jobs. There's no yoga instructor on this list.

The top ten list sure looks like an overachiever's roll call and many of the professions on the list tend to get called into duty with some urgency.

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