FarmVille cheats & tips: How to grow your FarmVille holiday tree


Just about the same time many people go out and buy their Christmas tree, FarmVille introduces one that you can plant on your virtual farm and ... here's the strange twist ... store presents inside so it will grow up big and tall, kind of like this gigantic tree residing in NYC's Rockefeller Plaza.


1. Plant Your Tree
First, locate your tree. You can find your tree by clicking on the Christmas Tree icon on the left hand side of the screen (see pic above), which will open the game's gift box, which is where your tree is located. Alternately, just click on the gift box icon, and locate your tree inside. To plant your tree, click the use button on the tree and place it on your farm. Your virtual farmer will wander over to the tree and proceed to 'build' it, which takes a few seconds.

farmville add presents to your tree
farmville add presents to your tree

3. Add Presents to Your Tree
To make your sapling grow big and strong, you'll need to store presents inside of it. FarmVille presents are new giftable items -- meaning you can only get them from your friends. The tree can hold 60 presents in all, and for each set of 20 presents, the tree will grow larger and gain additional decorations.

4. Open Your Presents

Between December 24 to January 7, you will be able to open the presents underneath the tree. There haven't been any hints as to what those presents will be other than "special surprises," so we're certainly looking forward to see what we'll be harvesting from our tree in a few short weeks.

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