Ad Rant: Dockers ads claim "soft" khakis will make men more manly


Evidently, men's testosterone levels have been dropping, and so have sales of khaki pants. Coincidence? Dockers thinks not.

Dockers, the clothing manufacturer that once put the "casual" in casual Fridays, sees a connection-at least the kind you can use to fuel an ad campaign. They're planning to reverse society's terrible double trend by teaching today's men how to be men and how to dress with a slogan that flirts with being sexist: "Wear the Pants."

"It's time to answer the call of manhood," proclaims one of the new ads. It's nice to know that answering the call of manhood no longer has to involve winning at arm-wrestling when all you have to do is buy more khakis from Dockers.

Manning up has never been simpler.