Yellow Tail asks the public to name new wine -- a move that could backfire

Aimee Picchi

It's been mocked, praised, even called evil, and now Australian wine maker, Yellow Tail, is giving it a try. Crowdsourcing, or throwing out a task or problem usually handled by one person (typically an employee) to the public, has been bashed for exploiting workers and disrupting the competitive balance of certain industries.

Yellow Tail's request of the masses, however, seems innocent enough: come up with the winning name for its new, un-oaked Chardonnay.

"[Yellow Tail] wants you to name our new Chardonnay (if we are being honest, we want you to do our work for us)," the company's Web site says of the contest, which runs through December 9. Entries can also be submitted through the company's Facebook page and the winner will be picked by a panel of judges.

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