For guys with a short sexual fuse, a new spray may help delay the grand finale


Hollywood has long made light of premature ejaculation. Jason Biggs's scene in the teen movie American Pie is pretty typical: guy finally gets girl in bed for sex, only to pull the trigger before the long-awaited act even begins. While funny, perhaps, for movie audiences, these moments are no laughing matter for the estimated 20% to 30% of men of all ages -- not just teenage virgins -- who suffer from the problem.

But if a new drug passes regulatory muster, guys with a short sexual fuse may be able to last a bit longer. Sciele Pharma says results of a late-stage clinical trial show that men who used its topical spray PSD502 were able to delay ejaculation five times longer than those who used a placebo, or dummy treatment. "If the results hold up with further clinical experience, I think it will have a great future in the treatment of premature ejaculation," says Ira Sharlip, a spokesman for the American Urological Association.