Too many Android models may chase app-makers away


When I talked to Deutsche Bank wireless and GPS analyst Jonathan Goldman last week, he was largely bullish on Android and its ability gain market share as a smart phone operating system. But one thing did concern him, and its exactly the thing that Apple (AAPL) CEO Steven P. Jobs is counting on: Too many different handsets running Android means trouble in the app store.

As the number of wireless handsets running Google's (GOOG) Android operating system continues to climb, analysts and cell phone watchers are growing more bullish on the prospect of the search giant cracking the code for a viable iPhone competitor. One Android model, Motorola's (MOT) Droid, has gotten extremely strong reviews, and other phones, particularly those from Taiwanese device maker HTC, are attracting the attention of gadget hounds. But one key cohort in the mobile phone ecosystem is getting nervous.