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Tiger Woods and his recent adventures have taken the media by storm. It all started out with an innocent report that Woods was involved into an accident, which evolved into a full-blown story about involving golf clubs, a pissed off wife and an illicit affair, which goes to show that even the most squeaky clean sports icon still has dirt to hide.

The Web loves nothing more than when heroes fall, and an incident like Tiger Woods' leads to a flood of parody songs, videos and, of course, snack-sized Flash games that -- while never that great -- will at least make you chuckle. Tiger Woods already has three games devoted to his latest drama, which have you doing everything from parking cars in a crowded subdivision to outrunning a club-wielding blonde.

Tiger Woods Golf Outrun

tiger woods golf outrun
tiger woods golf outrun

In this game, help Tiger and his mistress run away from his club-wielding wife, avoiding obstacles such as trees, babies
along the way.

Tiger Parking Slam
Addicting Games.com

tiger parking slam from addicting games
tiger parking slam from addicting games

The premise of this game is simple, use the arrow keys and space bar to park the car in the blue square without crashing.
There's not much to Parking Slam, but -- believe it or not -- parking games like this actually have a loyal following. Stick a Tiger spin on it and you've got one slam-bang of a parody game.

Golfers Getaway

Drive like a race car driver, scuttling around corners while avoiding a blonde with a golf club. The more you're hit the more the Transgression meter at the bottom of the screen goes down; once the meter runs out, you're busted!