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electric-generating hampster wall decalWall decals and stickers are all the rage and for good reason. You can dress up every room in your apartment with no commitment: Simply peel away when it's time to move. They're the fastest and easiest way to make a personalized statement in your apartment without any fuss.

We choose three of the best. Do you want electric-generating hamsters, trees of happiness, or a shout out to your favorite city? Take a look...

Eco-Friendly& Whimsical

Electric-making hamsters, anyone?

Fanciful "Sustainable Habitat Reminder" by London-based Hu2 Design reveal the imaginary inner workings of light switches and power outlets. They are meant to raise energy use awareness. However, we're not sure the vinyl used in any wall stickers are 100 percent good for the environment...

But who can resist the clever explanations for the power running behind the wall?

Dreamy & Chic

Love Sticky wall decalsEtsy shop Love Sticky offers wall decals that look like dreamy, romantic trees... yet are totally chic, too. Use them in your living room, bedroom, even bathroom.

Feeling less dreamy and more amped? Try Love Sticky's Scarface decal instead.

I <3 My City

Raging Vinyl

Born and bred in San Francisco, but living somewhere else? Bring "home" right into your apartment with a wall decal referencing your home city.

Take this wall decal of San Francisco from Raging Vinyl. They also feature skylines from Paris, New York, and other locations.

If you can't go home for the holidays, at least your city can come to you.

Hat tip: Inhabitat
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