PetVille kitchen unlocks at level 8; you won't believe what else we found


Once you reach level 8 in the new Facebook game, PetVille, you automatically unlock a second room in your pet's house. We discovered that the new room is pre-populated with a kitchen, including a fridge decked out with alphabet magnets that spell out PETVILLE and ZYNGA and ... a picture of Tiger Woods' head?

petville kitchen unlocked -- tiger woods
petville kitchen unlocked -- tiger woods

OK, we added the Tiger's head just for kicks -- that's not actually in the game. (Be sure to check out our roundup of Tiger Woods Web games).

The kitchen doesn't seem to have any functionality other than just for looks; we wanted to open the refrigerator and find it packed with treats for our pet. Or at least move the magnets around to spell "Let Live" on behalf of poor Tiger.

Since Zynga's usually open to player requests -- we're officially putting in ours for fully functional magnets and Frigidaire in the near future.

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