Pete Cashmore lists 10 Web trends, social gaming one of them


Pete Cashmore is probably best known for his work on Mashable, where he is the founder and CEO. He knows quite a bit about the social media scene, and in a column for CNN, predicted the top ten trends on the internet to watch out for in 2010. They range from real-time applications (Twitter being an example) to cloud computing, but one of the more interesting is that social gaming will continue to be a trending topic come the new year.

It hard to disagree with the numbers or Cashmore's prediction. With approximately a sixth of Facebook's users playing FarmVille, and other social Facebook games approaching that status, social gaming took off in 2009 like never before, partially due to the arrival of better designed social games. There's nowhere to go but up, and we should expect an explosion of social gamers in the year ahead.