Finally, a Free Lunch (in Chicago, L.A. and New York)

Think your rental kitchen is small? Try churning out 5-star food from the back of a truck. It's a challenge three celebrity chefs are taking on over the coming weeks, and you just might be the beneficiary of some of the goods!

As the food cart movement continues to pick up speed, we've become a nation of grab-n-go gourmet goodies. What could possibly improve upon this fortune of foodstuffs? If the hash were being slung by world-renowned chefs, and if they were giving it away for FREE.

That's right: the corporate sponsorship machine has finally caught up to the grassroots streetfood movement, and their love-child is the Ketel One Vodka branded food truck rolling through New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

The "Ketel One Cantina" can be spotted for the next few weeks, passing out chef-prepared cuisine to those determined enough to brave the inevitably long lines. New Yorkers: get a move on! The truck hit the streets on Dec. 3, and rolls out of town Dec. 5. Chicagoans can find the truck from Dec. 10-12, Los Angelenos from Dec. 15-17.

So where do you queue up, and what can you expect as reward for your patience? (via Epicurious)

NYC: Corner of Gansevoort and 9th Ave
Chef: Michael Psilakis (Kefi, Anthos, Gus & Gabriel)
Menu: Chicken Shish-Kebab Pita, Lamb Burger, Caponata & Couscous Wrap

Chicago: Rush St., between Bellevue Pl. and Cedar St.
Chef: Rick Bayless (Frontera Grill, Topolabampo)
Menu: Pork Tinga Tacos, Roasted Poblano and Potato Tacos, Black Bean and Chorizo Tortas

Los Angeles: North Cahuenga, between Selma Ave and Hollywood Blvd.
Chef: Ilan Hall (Top Chef 2 winner, The Gorbals restaurant)
Menu: Bacon Wrapped Matzoth Balls, Butternut Squash Latkes, Gribenes, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich, Wine-braised Pork Ribs

Get there early, and please have Rick set aside a poblano-potato taco for me!
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