FarmVille adds new holiday items, gifting tree


Those looking for a little holiday cheer in FarmVille can now buy new Winter-themed holiday items to decorate their swanky farming land. These items include things such as a candy cane gate, nutcracker, or a snow globe. Approximately half of them are bought using FarmVille cash, while the other half are bought as normal. You can buy two special homes, which are strictly FarmVille cash only: Santa's workshop and. You can also buy Poinsetta seeds to plant until the end of December. These seeds count as flowers, and are the only holiday-related seed available for buying.

Along with the new holiday items is the addition of a unique item called the gift tree. This tree can gather presents from your friends, which you then open between December 24th and January 7th. Gifts can be sent at the start-up for FarmVille or by clicking on a friend's gift tree.