Silver Mystery Boxes come to Farmville with Sleighs and Gnomes

Much like the Pink Mystery Boxes of Thanksgiving, we now have new Mystery Boxes in FarmVille to celebrate Christmas! These boxes are silver with a gold ribbon, and can be bought for 16 FarmVille bucks, which is about five dollars. Each box randomly picks a holiday item for you to get, ranging from metallic gnomes to gold-plated sleighs. The most common items give you the least amount of experience and have low sell prices, while the more rare items go for more. There is also a rumor that a nativity scene is included, but there have been no screenshots and it seems unlikely.

After the jump is a list of all the items you can get in the Silver Mystery Box, including experience rewards, sell prices, and even pictures!

Holiday Gate
XP Gained: 100
Sells for: 500 coins
This gate looks just like the normal hedge gate, but with toy soldiers next to it. Boring.

Gold Sleigh
XP Gained: 150
Sells for: 750 coins
Looks like the regular sleigh, but with a coat of gold paint over it.

Toy Chest
XP Gained: 200
Sells for: 1000 coins
A chest filled with all sorts of toys.

Tinsel Tree

XP Gained: 150
Sells for: 750 coins
A Christmas-styled tree with tinsel draped everywhere. Very reminiscent of the Christmas Tree.

Platinum Gnome
XP Gained: 300
Sells for: 1500 coins
Looks like a normal lawn gnome, only incredibly shiny!

Golden Fountain

XP Gained: 450
Sells for: 2250 coins
A fountain rimmed in gold for the high-roller.

We don't have good pictures for the Tree, Gnome, or Fountain yet. If you have them -- please email them to us at, and we will post them here (and give you credit, of course!).
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