PetVille or Pet Society Poll: Which Game Looks Cuter?


The social gaming world on Facebook just got a little bit bigger, as Zynga launches PetVille, a new pet simulation game where you're tasked with creating and raising a pet, while earning coins as a reward. It's hard not to notice that this game is very similar to several other pet simulation games on social networking sites, namely Pet Society from rival game developer Playfish.

petville from zynga on facebook
petville from zynga on facebook

pet society on facebook from playfish
pet society on facebook from playfish

While it's impossible to get a good read on social games in general -- they're constantly changing with weekly updates, we can judge one thing -- their good looks. Which begs the question -- which pet game ranks higher in the looks department? PetVille or Pet Society? Take our poll and let us know.

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