PetVille Getting Started Guide: How to Make Cash Fast


PetVille might let you take care of an adorable animal, but -- like most social games -- the game's all about collection coins that can be used to improve your animal's overall welfare (not to mention its house and clothing options). The new game from Zynga launched on Facebook on December 2, and while we're sure they have plenty more bodacious features in store for the game, here's a few ways you can make cash fast in the game.

1. Clean Your Neighbor's House

Visit neighbors daily to help them clean up their pad neat and tidy, and in exchange, you'll be rewarded with "love points" aka experience points and cold hard coin. To help neighbors clean, you simply need to find five items lying around the house and then click on them. Once clicked, they'll disappear and turn into coins. Never thought cleaning a friend's house could be this fun ... or profitable.

2. Refresh Wilted Flowers

When you arrive at your pet's house, you'll notive a vase filled with wilted flowers. To change out the wilted flowers, click on the vase and a pop-up menu will offer a selection of flowers to choose from. Different flowers cost different amounts and take varying amounts of time to wilt.

3. Feed Your Pet in a Timely Fashion

In our previous How to Feed You PetVille Pet post, we went over the nuances of food. Basically, some foods will keep your pet satiated longer than others, whether for a matter of minutes or for a few days. If you refill your pet's food bowl in a timely manner, you will be rewarded with coins, aka a Kibble Time Bonus.

4. Feed Your Pet Treats ... Often

Like FarmVille and other games, there's a gifting option in PetVille, where you will be able to give and receive treats. Once you get these treats, feed them to your pet, and not only will your pet do somethng amusing -- like juggle -- but you will get different coins, more of them the more valuable the treat.

5. Visit Your Neighbors Until You Run Out of Energy

Unlike other social games, where you can only visit your neighbors once a day to reap any financial rewards, PetVille lets you go back again and again. Once you show up at a neighboring pet's house, you'll be able to greet them with a high five, dance, tickle and more. And, of course, once you do that -- you'll be rewarded with money. There's one caveat: you can only keep revisiting neighbors until your energy runs out, then you'll have to wait -- Mafia Wars style -- until it's replenished again the next day.

6. Wash Your Pet, and Other Pets, Too

Just like real-life pets, PetVille animals get dirty and need to be washed. Once you start the game, you're supplied with a bar of soap. Click on the bar of soap to pick it up, then rub it over your pet to get the lather going. As your pet gets cleaner, you'll start racking up coins (and experience points) for your due diligence. You can wash other pets when you visit their houses for a few extra coins as well. Right now, you can go back to the same friend's house over and over, and get a few coins everytime you give them a scrub -- so keep making repeat visits to keep racking up cash.

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