PetVille Getting Started Guide: How to Feed Your Pet


That's right, there's another game on Facebook begging for your attention -- PetVille. The brand new game from Zynga -- best known for their runaway hit FarmVille -- puts a virtual pet in your charge. Your goal is to keep your pet fed and earn coins, which can be used to buy new items for both your pet and his/her house.

Getting started in PetVille is a relatively simple process, provided you already have a Facebook account. After logging into Facebook, visit this URL to get to the game. After customizing your pet, you'll need to learn how to feed your pet.

1. Start by clicking on your pet's food bowl, which is located in your pet's house.

2. Select which type of food you'd like to feed your pet. Keep in mind that different types of food will keep your pet fed for different amounts of time. Also note that you can change the look of your pet's food bowl in this menu as well.

3. Once you feed your pet, you will get a Kibble Bonus (of a certain number of coins, depending on which food you bought) which can be used to purchase more food, items for your pet and its house.

4.Important: if your pet runs out of food, and you aren't around to refill the bowl, then your pet might run away. Don't worry -- you're pet's not gone for good, you'll just have a pay a nominal fee to get it back in action.

5. When you start the game, you'll have access to a few different flavors of food, such as grape, peppermint, raspberry and banana -- which will keep your pet fed for 2 minutes to four hours. As the game progresses and your pet levels up, you'll be unlock more foods that can sustain your pet for several hours or days at a time.

Check out the entire list of foods and how much they cost and how long they'll last after the jump. (This will be a running list for now, if you have any additional information, please let us know in the comments below).