Mattress Fracas Kills Landlord

NY Daily NewsVoices made you do it? Sooo played out. Try: "the mattress made me do it."

Bronx landlord George Shim, 37, lost his life this week when a seriously nutty tenant plunged a kitchen knife into his chest. The reason? A heated quarrel over a mattress.

The argument began when Shim's fiancé was awoken by her downstairs neighbor and tenant, Omari Richards, 26. Richards complained that the landlord had denied him, Richards, use of a spare bed. Shim's fiancé, who declined to give her name to the New York Daily News, says she needed it for her son.

This spiraled into a nasty, name-calling screaming match according to cops and witnesses.

George Shim, who was also a livery cab driver, returned home after 2 a.m. to find his fiancé and tenant fighting.

Shim, who had an arrest record for assault and drugs, stormed downstairs to challenge his tenant. Minutes later, he stumbled back up with the knife stuck in his torso. He was rushed to Jacobi Medical Center and pronounced dead at 2:15 a.m.

Savage. Did a dirty mattress really need to spark a fight that ends in death?

We'll say it again: men shouldn't pick the bed, any bed. Futons aren't much better. They certainly aren't worth fighting, and dying, over.
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