Fry's makes good on oversold Black Friday HDTVs


On Black Friday Fry's was offering a 52-inch HDTV deal that attracted a lot of attention from shoppers -- so much that one store oversold at least six HDTVs.

Couple the mistake with a manger who seemingly couldn't be bothered to address the problem with anything more than a you're out of luck smirk and you can bet these customers felt like they got fried.

But, it seems that the holiday season, or a mention on The Consumerist, still has the power to grow a corporation's heart three sizes.

One of the affected customers wrote into The Consumerist to share that, after talking to consumer relations, he secured an apology for the mistake and more importantly a replacement HDTV. The Fry's store in Renton, Wash. is ordering a new batch of Samsung HDTV's to make sure that anyone who paid for an HDTV on Black Friday actually gets one.

Kudo's to Fry's for fixing their mistake. Maybe next year Fry's can move to a ticketing system so that they don't oversell a doorbuster item in five different lines.