Food Trends for 2010

Good news renters: Throwing your next dinner party won't plummet you into debt. has just published its annual list of food trend predictions, and by the looks of the 2010 edition, it seems that the recent recession has sent us all scrambling for the familiar and the low-brow.

And while I'm pained by (though in agreement with) their assertion that pork - especially bacon (sob!) - is on its way out, I think the Epicurious editors overall got it right. To wit:

With chefs like Thomas Keller (Ad Hoc) and David Chang (Momofuku) championing the lowly yardbird, fried chicken is poised for a major comeback. Vilified in recent decades for being a greasy indulgence, it's just the right kind of cost-conscious comfort food for the coming year. Which popular protein is being knocked a notch down the food chain to make way for the new champion? The humble hamburger.

The mini-cupcake craze that was everywhere in 2009 (a hangover from the full-size cupcake craze of 2008) is being kicked to the curb in favor the South's favorite son, the whoopie pie. Scaled down to a charming miniature size, this soft chocolate cookie sandwiched around gooey marshmallow filling is sure to sweep the nation.

Forget laying out a full spread for your dinner party guests in the coming year: we're all going potluck! Yesterday's showy dinner parties just feel out of step with the times. Put on a stunning main dish, and let your guests fill out the meal with sides, salads, and desserts.

Hungry for more peeks into the food future? Check out the full list at
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