Employees Ready To Jump Jobs When Market Improves

In this market, someone telling you "You're lucky to have a job" has never sounded so true. While there are many frustrated job seekers out there who can't seem to catch a break, there is apparently an entire group of gainfully employed folks who can't wait to jump ship when the market improves.

A survey from Opinion Research Corporation finds there's a majority of workers - 80% - who would consider leaving their job if they were presented with another opportunity. Twenty-five percent of those who responded to the survey said they have standing plans to leave their job when other companies are hiring again. Turns out younger employees are the ones most chomping at the bit for a better situation.

While the results might seem ungrateful in the eyes of the unemployed, they do make sense. For starters, talk to anyone who's actually working and they'll tell you they're doing more with less and sometimes, for less. A friend who got a promotion recently was told there wouldn't be a raise along with the new title, and if they had hired from outside the company, the salary would have been less. That's right in line with what ORC found - perks are being cut at workplaces nationwide. Respondents said comp time, on-site daycare and a liberal Friday work schedule were among the first to go - there isn't any expectation these fringe benefits are coming back.

What does all this mean for employers? ORC says companies might face a "rude awakening" when the job market improves as employees migrate en masse to better positions. The solution? More than half of those surveyed (64%) said a pay raise might help, while a fair number said they'd consider staying for better benefits or a promotion.

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