Yahoo integrates Facebook Connect


Yahoo has been trying for a while to create a social platform as massive as Facebook, but it seems they have just given up. In a press release, Yahoo announced that they would be integrating the Facebook Connect API into the back-end of their system. This will allow users to share stories and content between both sites. Yahoo's Jim Stoneham had this to say:

With this integration, we are opening the door for two of the Internet's largest online communities to make it easier for people to stay connected. It also enables us to further the Yahoo! Open Strategy, which is aimed at making experiences dramatically more open, social and personally relevant for the more than 500 million people that visit Yahoo! each month.

Will this include integration for Facebook games as well? It's definite that you will be able to share stories to Yahoo, including your progress or gifts in Facebook games, but it's debatable if you will be able to actually play them through Yahoo. Yahoo already has several of the more popular social games, such as Mafia Wars, but they are lackluster implementations rather than true ports.

[via Silicon Valley Insider]