Project FROG seeks to make pre-fab school buildings fab -- and green


There is nothing more depressing than those beat-up, decrepit portable buildings that schools across the country use for classrooms or offices. Most of these trailers on blocks don't meet modern construction standards. That's because many are decades old, in use well beyond their accepted lifespan. Aside from being mold traps and sources of unhealthy air, portables are also, by and large, incredibly inefficient. They tend to be cooled by wall-mounted air-conditioning units in the summers, which suck up power to counter-balance the uninsulated roofs and poorly ventilated metal-box construction.

Which is why I went to visit Project FROG (Flexible Response to Ongoing Growth) in San Francisco. The company hopes to become the Apple (AAPL) of the pre-fabricated building industry, a purveyor of elegant design that translates into a better user experience. And Project FROG is one of the hottest venture-backed entities in the nascent green building sector.