Pet Society Holiday Fish: Learn How to Catch Them All


Pet Society fishing aficionados can kick off the holiday season by acquiring the new Holiday Fish Biscuit in the Cash Store, for 4 Pet Society Dollars a pop. Once you have these in your possession, you can take your special Xmas bait to the pond and try your hand at catching 16 wacky fish with names like the Santa Sackfish and the Elffish.

pet society holiday fish biscuits
pet society holiday fish biscuits

As a word of warning, just because you buy 16 Holiday biscuits, doesn't mean you'll collect all of the fish. Some are more difficult to catch than others, and you're likely to end up with duplicates. Even if you wear the pro fishing gear, you'll still catch more of one fish the others. One player on the official Pet Society forums says they used 22 biscuits to catch them all, which means they spent 88 Playfish dollars (roughly $15) for the pleasure. To say can be an expensive endeavor is an understatement.

Below, check out a complete lineup of Holiday fish, image courtesty of Pet Society auteur ner8kl, who's already caught them all.

pet society holiday fish
pet society holiday fish

From left to right:

First row:
Colourful Bobblefish

Second Row:
Mince Piefish
Xmas Puddingfish
Santa Hatfish

Third Row:
Snow Ballfish
Candy Canefish
Santa Sackfish
Pine Conefish
Gold Starfish

We can see that Playfish UK has obviously influenced this selection of fish -- the Mince Piefish and Puddingfish are dead giveaways. As a New Yorker, I'd also like to put in a formal request for Pet Society to add two more to this holiday lineup -- the Dreidelfish and Menorahfish. Are you with me?

Pet Society Holiday Fish: Which ones have you caught?