Microsoft Update: Of course Windows 7 has a 'Black Screen of Death'


You have to pity the poor folks in at Microsoft (MSFT). Just when they come out with a Windows 7 release that most of the tech world seems to like, an update wreaks havoc with what is likely to be a limited subset of users. Naturally, the media gives this problem a highly colorful term -- the Black Screen of Death. The bug supposedly affects machines running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7 operating systems.

The BSOD problems were quickly splashed all over the blogosphere and Twitter, leading to more questions about whether Microsoft will ever be able to release software that is truly bug-free. For its part, Microsoft has denied that its update is causing any problems, according to Barron's. Windows 7 is clearly an improvement over Windows Vista, but as the warts come into view on this slimmed-down operating system that has won widespread kudos, it's only natural the problems occur. Why? It's just too complex. If anything, Microsoft should be congratulated for, by and large, making Windows 7 such a bug-free release.