Man smashes HDTVs with a hammer at Target

Shoppers at a Target in Winona, Minn. were witness to an odd and frightening scene Saturday as a man entered the store and began smashing HDTVs with a hammer.

The incident occurred shortly after 5 p.m. when 39-year-old Jerome Eberle entered Target and started destroying HDTVs, cameras and other merchandise in the Electronics section of the store, causing a panic which emptied the store, according to police.

Witnesses described Eberle as, "Walking like Frankenstein" to the Winona Daily News and repeating the word "hammer" over and over in a monotone voice. When police arrived the hammer was turned on officers and an in-store chase ensued before Eberle was apprehended with pepper spray and tasers.

It is also reported that the suspect's relatives told the local police they don't know of any motive for the HDTV hammer destruction, or how Eberle found himself in Winona, 300 miles from his residence in Chicago. Police also told the Winona Daily News that Eberle does not remember the entire incident.

The Target store has since re-opened and as of Monday Eberle remained under behavioral evaluation. He faces multiple charges of assault, criminal damage, obstructing with force and disorderly conduct.
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