Like Brad Pitt's Benjamin Button, this Home Price is Going Backwards


The price of the 100-year-old Garden District mansion in New Orleans where "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" was filmed has just tumbled to $1,975,000 -- that's about $1 million off where it was. The home -- with its double parlor doors, formal dining room and gorgeous architectural features, including hand-carved mahogany fireplace mantels and stained glass windows -- was the primary residence featured throughout the film, about a character played by Brad Pitt who ages in reverse.

Sellers of the seven-bedroom, six-bathroom home may be learning the Hollywood lesson the hard way: The popcorn crowd may come to showings, but it's primarily to see if they can figure out where scenes were shot. And they leave their checkbooks at home. (When Malibu Realtor Pam Whitham listed the house featured in the Bruce Willis film, "Hostage," she literally had to explain to clients that the boulders they saw outside the house in the movie were fakes -- made of a light-weight sponge-like material and long-since carted away.)