Zynga lead sponsor in Hidden Agenda Project


Hidden Agenda is a nonprofit organization that seeks to teach subjects in unconventional and effective ways. This means teaching through games, and a yearly development contest entitled the Hidden Agenda Project has been going on since 2003 to provide these educational games. Hidden Agenda announced that Zynga is now the lead sponsor and advisor for the contest, which asks developers to create a Facebook game that covers a high school topic in an entertaining, educaitonal, and social way.

"As the leader in social gaming, Zynga is the perfect partner for this year's Hidden Agenda project," said Hidden Agenda Director Lauren Davis. "As it works every year, we have absolutely no idea what the brilliant students who enter our contest will come up with. With Zynga as an advisor and consultant on the project, we know we'll see some revolutionary applications."

The contest is judged by a variety of notable videogaming luminaries, such as Richard Garriot and Ben Sawyer. Those familiar with Zynga will note that this is not the first non-profit activity they have engaged in. FarmVille raised upwards of $700,000 in conjuction with the organizations FATEM and Fonkoze.

[via BusinessWire]