Pet Society Poo Guide: Plain, Golden, Rainbow -- How to Collect Them All


Yes, poo! Everyone knows what poo is, but not everyone knows that you can make your pet poo in Pet Society!Making your pet poo in Pet Society is kind of a game within the game, an added bonus if you will. Players treat poo in Pet Society as a trophy, a sort of milestone often times displaying their creation on a pedestal or even dedicating a whole room to poo for all of Pet Society to see! It takes a lot of patience to make your pet poo, but in the end, the reward is definitely worth the wait.

There are three different types of poo that your pet can produce.There's the normal poo, golden poo and the holy grail of them all, the rainbow poo.Take note that your pet can only produce poo at your pet's home and not anywhere else.

Pet Society allows your pet to produce and keep a maximum of three normal poo.If you already have a total of three normal poo in your house or chest your pet will not produce anymore poo, this includes the golden or rainbow poo.However, if you would like to have more than three normalpoo, poo can be gifted to you from friends, which will allow you to carry more than three.There is a maximum of 99 regular poos that your pet can own, this includes the total in your home and chest.