Nutcracker sales plunge on strength of Euro


Traditional German nutcracker manufacturers are having a miserable holiday season thanks to a combination of the recession and the strong Euro.

German manufacturers of nutcrackers and similar traditional Christmas decorations have seen their sales plunge by an astounding 50% thanks to reduced demand in the United States because of a weak dollar and a generally conservative holiday spending environment.

While manufacturers of cheaply made imported products have been able to slash prices to spur demand, high-end German nutcracker vendors don't necessarily have that option, and the weak dollar has made it hard for them to stay competitive on price.

However, there are some good deals on nutcrackers to be had. Take for instance this absolutely amazing limited edition signed Yoda Steinbach nutcracker can be had for $389.98 from -- 56% off the retail price, and really: what price is too high for a Yoda nutcracker?

If high prices on high-end nutcrackers have you down, you can always check eBay for great deals on vintage nutcrackers.