FarmVille Reindeer: The Furry Gift that Keeps on Giving

farmville reindeer - nice gifts
farmville reindeer - nice gifts

With Thankgiving behind us, it's time to put pumpkins and turkeys into long-term storage to prepare for the onslaught of Christmas and winter-themed items in FarmVille. The first on the list -- a brand new giftable Reindeer, which can be harvested (or brushed, rather) for 80 coins after two days. If you find your farm is getting overrun by reindeer, you can also sell these critters for 150 coins.

Note: the giftable Reindeer is different from the Clumsy Reindeer (wearing Xmas lights and a big red Rudolph-style nose), which has been spotted lost and wandering onto random farms. Once your fellow farmers finds one, you can adopt one and give it a home.

We've already rounded up seven of Santa's favorite critters. How many reindeer do you have on your farm?

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