Black Friday postmortem: Scuffles, sales reports and more


With Black Friday noting more than a tangle of receipts, empty shopping bags and tightly wrapped presents for another year; it's time to look back and see how shoppers and retailers made out on the most hyped and anticipated shopping day of the year.

Overall, the good news this year is that despite several incidents of shopper rage, no one lost their life over a Zhu Zhu Pet. Even though there were shoppers behaving badly in stores, coupon users at RetailMeNot saved almost a half million dollars on Black Friday and Amazon earned big cheers from for matching almost every Black Friday sale competitors offered.

If you missed out on our liveblog of Black Friday this is a great place to see what went down on Black Friday 2009.

The Consumerist
combed through police blotters and local news reports to find the worst Black Friday behavior of 2009.

For law enforcement in towns with a Walmart or a Toys R Us, it was a Busy Thursday night and Friday morning as a fight broke out at Walmart in Rancho Cucamonga, California and a Walmart in Upland California had to kick out shopper and reset the store after shoppers ripped into pallets of merchandise and began shopping before the 5 a.m. kickoff.