Automakers report mixed sales results, with GM, Honda, Chrysler slipping


November is a notoriously weak month for auto sales. So it's perhaps a bit surprising that several carmakers reported either increased or steady sales last month, despite concerns among analysts and others that last summer's "cash for clunkers" program would merely rob sales from the months to come.

But Toyota Motor (TM), whose Corolla model topped sales charts during a nearly month-long rebate program, reported a surprise 2.6% sales rise last month compared to a year ago, while Nissan also beat expectations with a 20.6% jump. Hyundai Motor reported a 46% increase, and its fellow Korean brand, Kia Motor, reported a 18.3% boost. Sales were less sanguine at Ford Motor (F), which reported flat sales in November, while those at General Motors slipped 1.8%. Chrysler Group said sales tanked 25%.