Tiger Woods: As the media storm builds, what will happen to his endorsements?


As stories of Tiger Woods' alleged marital discord, alleged infidelity and alleged abuse at the hands of his wife fill the news, an obvious question is how this crisis will affect his lucrative endorsement career. After all, Forbesrecently minted him as the first billion dollar athlete, and almost $800 million of his earnings have come from lucrative endorsements with companies that include Nike (NKE), Gillette (PG), and Gatorade (PEP).

In response to requests for comment, spokespeople from Gatorade and Nike both reaffirmed their support for Woods. Although representatives from his other companies were unavailable for comment, Accenture (ACN) continues to feature him prominently on its site, while Buick (GRM), whose Rendezvous SUV Woods represented from 2002 to 2009, reported that he is no longer associated with the company. When asked if the carmaker was upset by the fact that the golf player was driving a Cadillac Escalade at the time of his accident, representatives issued a firm "no comment."