Price Protector could save shoppers scads of money -- when it works

The good news for Price Protector is that customers seem to have found it, despite the odd spelling of its Internet address ( That's also the bad news, since the site has been down a lot lately, overwhelmed, apparently, by the influx of traffic.

Price Protector is a web site designed for people who shop a lot and want to keep track of their prices. Why? Well, in case you haven't noticed, shoppers aren't exactly rich these days -- and so frequently folks are buying at the last minute and doing a lot of dithering and debating before plunking down their hard earned cash (instead of, increasingly, their credit cards). So Price Protector's goal is to let people keep track of what they plan to buy and if the price drops, they'll send you an alert.

Then you can take a leap and buy your gift -- or wait around some more and hope the price goes even lower.

The site will also let you know if the sale price drops after you make your purchase -- not so you can cry in your beer, but because some stores will let you get a refund when you go to them with sales receipt and sob story in hand and say, "Hey, look, I just bought this two weeks ago, and now you're selling it for less."

Not to get all mushy, but there should be a place in Heaven for stores with those policies.
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