Extrabux's aim in life is to give shoppers extra bucks

I'm always wishing I had a few extra bucks. Ergo, I'm thinking I should check out Extrabux more often, since its main mission in life is to make sure that consumers have extra bucks.

I thought I'd mention Extrabux, since it's Cyber Monday and all -- as you already know, unless you've just awakened from a coma (it's not often when that sort of cliche actually happens), Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Thanksgiving, a day when deals abound online and the day that tends to be the most shopped day online (whereas Black Friday, of course, is the most shopped day in brick and mortar stores).

Anyway, Extrabux works like this: You type in a search word -- like maybe you're looking for Zhu Zhu Pets. If you type that in, like I just did, you'll get somewhere in the neighborhood of 28,114 results, whereas if you look up Nintendo DS, you'll find 9,286 results (I'm sure it changes from hour to hour; that's what I just pulled up).

Extrabux, which kind of operates as your own personal shopper, groups these results by brand, the online store and the price. It's kind of hard to explain without seeing it -- but if you check Extrabux out, as you'll see, it can make finding products easier -- or harder, if you're the sort who hates online shopping and would just rather go to one store, like Amazon.com, and see what they're selling an item for and leave it at that.

And understandable if you would rather do that. Extrabux can be handy because as you click onto, say, an American Girl item, you'll find a list of stores for that item, and you may find a coupon, it may not be the best coupon out there. So you still should keep looking and comparing, just in case.

But if you do like the online shopping hunt and want to try to save a few extra bucks, Extrabux is worth taking a look at.
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