Do ginormous fast-food helpings need warning labels? Nope


I'm the first to harangue against chocolate milk marketed as a healthy choice for children. Call me if you want a rant on the terrible health risks associated with modern meat production. Need outrage about deceptively fattening movie theater popcorn? I'm your woman. I've been known to send my children out of the house with a firm reminder never to accept the offer of fast-food hamburgers from strangers, or their own daddy.

Hardee's famous 2/3-pound Monster Thickburger is just the sort of delicacy someone like me might fear: It's made of two 1/3-pound beef patties, four strips of bacon and three slices of American cheese on a mayonnaise-coated sesame seed bun. It weighs in at 1,420 calories and 43 grams of saturated fat -- more than double the daily recommendation for an adult. It's obscene. But do I think we need to be protected from Hardee's Monster Thickburger and other foods of its ilk?