Need a Workout After Thanksgiving?

Still full from the feast last night? Here are some ideas for keeping fit in a small apartment, - which isn't always easy. You could invest in kettlebells, for example. But if you're prone to boredom, here's a solution: Consider a membership to DVD subscription service like NetFlix.

Netflix is a great way to rent movies, but, it can also be a convenient way to stay in shape. I jokingly call it NetFlex. You can queue up a never-ending selection of exercise DVDs.

Here's how to make the most of Netflix as an "apartment-sized gym."
Determine Your Goals
Just as with any other exercise program the first thing is to determine your goals. Do you want to become a better belly dancer or increase your cardio-fitness? Be specific.

How Much Time Will You Commit?
Can you only afford ten minutes in the morning, or a full, 45-minute yoga DVD in the evening? Determining your time commitment will help you select the most beneficial DVDs to rent.

Sort and Select Titles
First I sort titles based on two goals - one, to have a DVD for a quick, 15-minute workout in the morning, and two, to have a longer title for the evening. From these results I select DVDs based on user ratings.

Rate & Return
I recommend taking Saturdays off from your routine and dropping your DVDs in the mail on Friday or Saturday. This way you have fresh DVDs for the week. (Or, consider the automatic download option for faster delivery.)

Take a moment to rate your DVD. This will help you remember titles you've enjoyed so you can get them again later. You can also connect with friends at Netflix and share workout DVD lists, too.

Netflix subscriptions start at $8.99/month... a much cheaper option than the gym.
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