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This is the home of our Black Friday LiveBlog, where our correspondents from across the country will be reporting in on the action, the mayhem and the bargaineering. For the latest news up until the doors open, check out these links, and then watch our new video report from Toys R Us on the scene of Black Friday to get yourself in the mood:

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2:42PM More Black Friday Injuries

We're not trying to be grim...but there was a minor injury at a Toys R Us near Nashville today when a woman was trampled in a frenzy over gift bags being given out as doorbusters.

Click here for the story.

2:32PMCouple Ties Knot Waiting in Black Friday Line

A couple in Michigan who met 6 years ago while waiting in a Black Friday campout line, made it official today by getting married in that same line.

1:35PMAre These the Unhappiest People on Black Friday?

A headline that made news today: New Jersey workers get Black Friday off with no pay

12:56PM First Black Friday Scuffle Over Zhu Zhu Pets!!zhu zhu pet

Just saw this on Twitter: Fight Over Zhu Zhu Pets. A Toys R Us had police on hand at midnight for a fight over those magical little robotic hamsters that seem to disappear instantly whenever they hit shelves.

12:50PM Report from Los Angeles:

From @MarqueeMarc: The line 2 get in Target on LaBrea is down the block onto SMB all the way down to Formosa. This crazy.
12:39PM Twitter round-up on #blackfriday

Oakwright Kohls had great deals on Nerf, but not worth waiting in line for :( guess it's time for biobreak and food. Then mall? #blackfriday

DJ_n_me So many people!!! Can't leave the mall!!! #BlackFriday is great!!!

tall_latte I did my #BlackFriday shopping last night at midnight on Amazon. And got one deal that was advertised only on Twitter and gone this AM. #fb

RetailEDI #blackfriday : Curious to see how retailers & manufacturers do this year. How many are tracking the seasons sales with hosted #BI w/ #EDI

shannanb Black Friday tip #2 it's rude to sign up for an instore credit card when the lines are this long! #blackfriday

todd3t RT @starfishncoffee: So is the ENTIRE newscast about conspicuous consumption?! Is there NO other news?! #blackfriday #capitalism

wdtn_jamie A chilly #BlackFriday in #Ohio! Temps in the mid-upper 30s, with wind chills in the upper 20s! Brrrrr! Good luck finding those deals!

12:22PM Update from Daily Finance

Our sister blog Daily Finance has a report on how social media is getting a huge test this Black Friday. Click here...

Tell us...have you been enticed to "friend" any big stores in order to get coupons and special deals?

12:04PM ABC's (and WalletPop's) Troy McMullen reports on the Black Friday frenzy: Click here.

12:01PM Scenes from Flickr of long lines:

11:52AMA fun link from Chicago Now for your Black Friday fun: Click here.

11:44AM One of WalletPop's reporters sent in a dispatch that in one store out there (which shall remain nameless), there was a stock of Zhu Zhu pets stashed in an office, but none stocked on the shelves. What kind of control issue is this? On the busiest shopping day of the year, why wouldn't you put the most prized merchandise on the shelf? Crowd control, so that there is no frenzy? Or is the store saving them up for a special promotion?

11:41AM We are just back from a shopping center in the Bronx, a brand new center, and we had no trouble parking -- it was practically empty. Urban shopping centers with big box stores are unique entities that seem not to have caught on too much. Most people there probably walked or took the subway, which discourages mass purchases. So there's a Catch-22 there.

8:32AMOur blogger Josh Smith went to Best Buy and visited with shoppers waiting in line! Here's his YouTube video (which you can watch on WalletPop's YouTube Channel...)

Watch "The Black Friday (Can't Get No Zhu Zhu Pet) Blues

An original music video from to get you in the Black Friday mood!

Click here for more great Black Friday coverage!

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